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‘MEET THE ARTIST’ EVENT - Debut Contemporary Gallery,

Notting Hill, West London.

Saturday 2nd February 2013, from 12-5pm.

With: Paintings from the artists’ collection ‘Being Female, Being Infertile’,

‘Live’ Canvas Sculpture in the window and the chance to contribute your fingerprint to a future piece of Art.



Brighton Artist Charlotte Esposito hosts an afternoon ‘MEET THE ARTIST’ event in collaboration with Notting Hill Gallery Debut Contemporary. Make your way down to Notting Hill on Sat 2nd February where Esposito will be showing works from her major collection ‘Being Female, Being Infertile’(please see 2nd press release for further detail about the collection) alongside excerpts from a book that she is writing about her journey with infertility entitled ‘Womb, Head & Heart’. She will also be unveiling a new painting for the collection and doing ‘Live’ Canvas Sculpture in the window of the gallery. In addition to this guests will be invited to volunteer to print their fingerprints in gold paint; these will later be used by the artist in the production of a future piece of work reflecting the theme of ‘Identity’ and the people that attend events to see her work.


In an effort to engage the public in the Arts and her work Esposito will be working on a piece from her second evolving collection ‘Canvas Sculpture’; cutting in to the canvas, sewing, building layers and painting, demonstrating a technique that she has developed that combines Art, Textiles and Sculpture. Esposito is a strong supporter of UK Arts and Culture and was recently selected to quote for the Guardian Culture Professionals online ‘Case for Culture’. She strongly believes that educationally the creative subjects should be afforded the same level of importance as any other in terms of government reform and the UK educational system. She was also previously a member of the Design & Technology Associations’ ‘Innovation Group’ and hopes that these mixed media cross boundary works will help to promote the importance of both Art and Design in the UK.


Esposito has recently written an article for ‘Infertility Network UK’, due to be published in their quarterly members magazine end April 2013 and shared online shortly afterwards. Her collection ‘Being Female, Being Infertile’ has been a therapeutic tool throughout her lengthy battle with infertility and having given birth in 2010 she hopes to promote awareness of the subject through both her art and writing. The event is endorsed / sponsored by Infertility Network UK.


As guests leave the event they will be invited to give their fingerprints, these will be used by the artist to create a future piece of work around the theme of ‘Identity’ and visitor flow through arts events in a bid to create a more personal relationship between the guests and her art.

Note to Editors

For further info or to arrange interview please contact the artist herself or her representing gallery Debut Contemporary, who will be happy to discuss her work and the event: or

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