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Press Release

Debut Artist Charlotte Esposito Showcases Paintings from her collection

‘Being Female, Being Infertile’. 






British breakthrough Artist Charlotte Esposito joined Notting Hill Gallery Debut Contemporary in Sept 2012. Between October, 2012 and end Jan 2013 Esposito will be showing new works from her major collection aptly entitled ‘Being Female, Being Infertile’. Esposito has recently appeared on the London art scene radar as an emerging talent following a collaborative exhibition in July organised by Showcase Cities at the Richmix centre in East London’s artistic quarter.


Esposito’s ‘Being Female, Being Infertile’ series documents her personal journey with infertility using the female form as the main subject matter. Many of the works in this collection show abstracted and statuesque female figures with little or no facial detail representative of all women, their strength and their common issues. The works seek to document the obvious emotional struggle and turmoil associated with issues of this type whilst her colour palette choices (of light colours, gold and pink hues) attempt to convey a ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ message of hope, change and fulfilment.


Esposito grew up in eclectic Brighton realising at an early age that she was infertile. Armed with this knowledge early on she made the decision to focus on her Art & Design based Education studying initially at Leeds Metropolitan University and later at Lincoln University, graduating in 2002 with a Bachelor of Arts honours degree. Until Esposito reached her mid- twenties she put the idea of having children on the backburner, happy to focus on her education and early working life, but there came a point in her late twenties when her biological clock began to tick and when her close friends started to have children. Esposito realised that she needed to face the health issues that she had been coping with. This led her in to a lengthy and at times turbulent process of investigation, operations and treatments. Inevitably this journey affected her entire life eventually seeping in to her art work in the form of subject matter for an entire body of work based around this theme. Esposito also produces abstract works that skim across the boundaries of art, design and sculpture.


Her work is currently on permanent display at West London Gallery Debut Contemporary where her most recent piece ‘In Time’ can currently be seen. On Thursday 15th November the gallery will hold a launch night for their new pop up shop which includes affordable work produced by Esposito and other Debut artists. Charlotte will also be exhibiting at their upcoming Private View event due to be held on the 7th December, 2012 between 6.30 – 9.00pm.


Look out for details about Esposito’s forthcoming Saturday Debut Event which is set to take place in January of this year, details of which will be released via both Esposito’s website and the Debut Contemporary site. She will also be exhibiting once again with Showcase Cities in the coming months and is currently increasing her body of work. Keep your eyes peeled for her in 2013 as her strong, determined desire to create is sure to take her places.


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