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D&T or Art & Design?

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    whiteorchidarts (Tuesday, 01 March 2011 16:46)

    The owner of this site, Charlotte Esposito, is currently working on an idea for an art based project that will ask the intended audience to consider whether the works being produced are Art pieces or Design pieces, 2D or 3D? Should Art and Design and Design Technology really be classed as two separate subjects? Your thoughts please?

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    Gavin Austin-Woodward (Saturday, 05 November 2011 03:49)

    I think the Art and design and Design Tech question is a tricky one but there is such a significant overlap between the two. The difference is mainly in the tools and the mindsets of the individuals. Some artists' work methodicaly in a design led methodical way, some designers work fluently in an inspirationaly led way. Then you have the function/purpose debate which is where art and design can have the biggest divide. My opinion is that Art produced using the principles of design is usually much more informed and of a higher calibre. The Key difference in schools is the big equiptment! I can't yet paint with a laithe, although my uncle makes sculptures with them (search whiteknuckle turning in google) ! I think they need to remain two distinct disceplines but work closely alongside each other in the school/college environment to provide the broadest spectrum that Art and Design has to offer.